travel tip,
from memory, there are roughly four bays of 
parallel parking near the café. We easily snared 
a spot at 11 am. :-)

first impressions,    from the terrace, you wouldn't have guessed that indoors, there would be no lack of colour and vibrancy of smells and sights. The waitresses (no waitors!?) were very friendly and welcomed us in. They also didn't show my company any hint of madness when we decided to move seats three times. The waitress that took care of our table was a great conversationalist and we merrily chatted about hair, cameras and of course, our meals.

     the menu,   as you are seated, you will be given the permanent menu on a sheet of paper; but don't forget to check out the chalk board just next to the counter for exclusive meals of the day, as well as the counter itself for delicacies not written on either menu. 

       I found some gorgeous red velvet cupcakes perched on a stand, and exercised great self-control not to pounce on them, especially since I chose the breakfast special ($18.00) to be my main meal for the day, french toast with chocolate and berries.

       Keen for something savory, my highschool lover girlfriend chose the club sandwich (~$18.00), while my partner in crime chose the delicious-sounding pasta special ($18.00).

      Prices were indeed in the high $20s range. Not the friendliest of charges, but once we set our eyes on the size of the meals: the prices did make more sense.

     the food,    the meals we ordered arrived in a timely fashion, all roughly around the same time. Thanks to my lovely company, I was allowed to have a little bit of everything.

       The pasta (pictured left) is a little smaller than the portions of the other two meals. Although it didn't taste unique to other Italian food explorations, the meal was still irrefutably delicious and was ravenously gobbled up.

     I admit, upon receiving my french toast with chocolate and berries (pictured right), I was in awe. It was a heavenly tower of yummy goodness, and it was - until I reached my twentieth or so bite. 

       In the end, the girls could not finish their meals, but our token male was able to finish everything up. And I mean, everything, to the very last berry. Impressed.

     the highlight,    our favourite meal of the bunch would have to be the Club Sandwich (right). It's understandable why this would be a permanent fix on Santi's menu. 

       The portion is generous, the chips were ample and well-salted, the runny egg drizzled with a tangy lime was praised by one of the most finicky food critics I know and the sandwich was so tasty, my girlfriend finished the lot despite its intimidating size.

                  Girls, if you're not hungry, share these meals with someone. To finish it on your own, you will have to be dangerously famished or secretly a man. Kidding! On a total side note, check out these table number placards which are awfully sweet; quite like the non-edible version of fortune cookies. 

Dream as if you'll live forever; live as if you only have today
Preach it.


Santi's is a place I'd recommend if you don't mind dishing out the big bucks and are impeccably, and I mean, impeccably hungry. I recommend sharing your meals around your friends - or risk tiring of your dish before you reach the end! What lets down Santi's is the price for the quality of food you receive. The staff are great conversationalists who are warm and genuine. If you don't come away with a satisfying meal, you will definitely leave feeling like you've just made a new friend.

stay stellar,

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